Saturday, July 28, 2007

Making of "LOOP"

This photograph was taken at 2:30am in the morning 2004 after the last shot of "LOOP", a model animation film shot in 4 days. one of the most memorable working experiences with a 'scattered team'.

from left to right - The Real Slim Sethi (he has to make it obvious that the shoot was tiring), Alfred E. Neumen & Pali(nominated for best moral support & dissapearing act).

"Loop" is an experimental model animation film shot in 4 days by 3 'Animation Film Design' students - Prateek Sethi, Longbir Ingti Kathar & Amrapali Hazra at NID, Ahmedabad in the summer of 2004. it took 2 weeks for pre-production & production before shoot. these would be - cooking up the story, storyboarding, model making, set building etc. was executed fast.

The film explores the possibilities of model/clay animation. the story was written to fit this criteria. the story is about a schizophrenic man & his hallucinations in a room combined with dialogues from "The Fountainhead". as this was the 1st model animation project for all 3 of us, we were pretty excited & nervous.

we had to device many contraptions as the story was very demanding. like the "chameleon-clock" sequence where the clock strikes 12 & a chameleon appears from within the clock, extends its long tongue to lick clean the blood splattered on the wall & go back the same way. the chameleon was way bigger than the clock, so we used "flexi-stand"(metallic table lamp stand that can be bent in any direction) for the body. made replacement head models. stands for the extra long tongue.


Amrapali Hazra said...

thanks long, for the nomination, and for remembering.......take care

sethi said...

touching :)

alyen said...

haan haan forget me!!!

Anja said...


it was an honour to work with you on that film ;-)